Complete Application Package

For students of Grades XI and XII and XIII (CAIE stream). A dedicated Counsellor will be available to the applicant on an appointment basis for a minimum of 20 hours for up to 10 colleges. Our counselors are friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and genuinely interested in placing you in the ‘best-fit college. This is a complete package, covering all elements of the application process, from A to Z.

The package comprises:

  • Orientation meeting with both parents and student, to discuss academics thus far, future goals and aspirations, finances and any need for financial aid, etc., all with a view to creating a focused plan of projecting an optimum picture of the student
  • Creating a “right fit” college list with up to ten colleges
  • Assisting in all aspects of the college process including application, interviews, activity list, testing options, scheduling, and organization of all dates and materials
  • Completion of the personal statement essay for Common App. The potential topics for the essays will be developed to best present your personality. Guidance on how to present your strengths, and how to deal with any shortcomings and weaknesses.
  • Please be clear that we do NOT write essays for any applicant, as that is ethically wrong and an undesirable international practice. We will develop topics, based on our deliberations with you, and then review, correct, and improve the essays you have written, as many times as it takes, till it is up to par.
  • Conducting mock interviews, with strategies on how best to ace the interview
  • Reviewing of financial aid and the options available
  • If need be, dealing with Wait-list letters, and how better to improve your chances of acceptance
  • Dealing with any specific concerns that you may have
  • Unlimited access to the consultant, with quick reply times
Complete Application Package