Nudrat Rahman Sheikh

I  am a  committed professional who believes in lifelong learning and enjoys working with students from diverse backgrounds and countries. My nearly two decades of experience of working, at senior levels, in international schools in Pakistan (Beaconhouse) and United Arab Emirates (Pristine School) have given me extensive experience in dealing with students from varied countries and regions and forms the basis of my wide understanding of the issues facing students from diverse backgrounds and educational abilities. I thereby excel in finding out-of-the-box solutions for problems!


Working as an Academic Coordinator & Assistant Head of Assessments at Pristine Private School, I contributed to school development, curriculum planning, school evaluation, teacher training, admission interviews, hiring staff, school publications, community projects, and organizing curriculum enrichment activities to foster the holistic development of students under my care. I organized and led educational trips to various overseas locations including Sri Lanka, Turkey, and to USA for a special student training program, conducted by NASA at the Kennedy Space Centre, Florida.

I counselled extensively on admission requirements, as well as on standardized testing assessments, including GL Progress Tests, PIRLS, NGRT, TIMSS, PISA   & CAT 4.  I was responsible for the triangulation of assessment data and training teachers and parents to comprehend the assessment reports to ensure that all stakeholders work together to achieve the desired outcomes.


As a Master Trainer for British Council and Project Facilitator at International Education & Resource Network (IEARN) I enabled 21st Century learners across the globe to come together to initiate discussions and share ideas about global issues and their role in contributing towards a better future.

I enjoy working with students requiring special learning and have organized activities to promote student wellbeing, building their confidence and self–esteem and providing opportunities to further develop key skills of leadership, problem-solving, critical thinking, innovation, creativity, and compassion.


These skills, essential for a successful college experience, are the key to my strength in understanding the needs of applicants to competitive colleges, and you will benefit substantially by working with me.


I hold a Master’s in Education from Murdoch University, Australia, Certificate in Professional Studies (CPEd) and Post Graduate Certificate (PGCert) from Saint Mark and Saint John, Marjon UK, and a Diploma in Teaching with ICT (DTWICT) from Cambridge University.