Nuzhat Saleem

I have had a long career, spanning twenty-five years, as the Director of Career and College Counselling at one of the most prestigious schools in Lahore, the Lahore Grammar School Defence, heading the two campuses of the school. Between them, these two branches had the largest cohort of A Level students in the city. I have counseled and successfully placed students at all the IVY League universities, at University of Cambridge, Oxford and many other renowned universities around the world. The students under my guidance were able to submit applications that were very well done and enabled the students to receive scholarships and financial aid according to their merit.


I have a reputation for honesty and integrity coupled with a deep commitment to the young people I deal with. My open-door policy meant that students could talk to me without hesitation, with confidence and the surety that they will receive attention without fail.

I was also the Senior Executive Principal at Lahore Grammar School Defence and the liaison person for the University of Cambridge Assessment International Examinations (CAIE), and the British Council. I have also   represented the school at national and international forums.


Many universities of renown were keen to visit the school and I arranged college fairs at the school at which numerous representatives of well-known universities in the US, UK, Europe and Australia introduced their institutions to the school students and had face- to- face interaction with them.

In addition I have  also visited many universities abroad over a number of years.

I have guided students for leadership positions as members of the Student Council, working closely with the Head Girls and Head Boys, and the Presidents of the numerous school societies in arranging school and inter-school events, BitcoinVanityAddress several of which were on a very large scale.


As an English Teacher of many years experience, bringing students up to the level of achieving A and A* grades in CAIE examinations is a reflection of my ability to connect with students under my tutelage. I also compiled and edited the annual school magazine.


If you enroll with the Global College Consultancy, you can benefit in multiple ways with my experience and skills set of an experienced college counselor.

I take pride in training a team of counselors who are now working very successfully with different institutions in Lahore.


With my vast  experience of engaging students in extra-curricular activities, I feel I am well-qualified to guide students for various extracurricular activities,  internships, community service and summer schools.


As coordination of the extra curricular activities was a part of my responsibilities, I was engaged in the selection and in the training of students for numerous national and international competitions including debating (the teams regularly won the National Debating Championship), the International Public Speaking Competition, buy monthly listeners spotify at which students under my guidance represented Pakistan in London. The Commonwealth Essay Writing Competition is another international competition in which students were encouraged to participate and have won distinctions. These are just some activities in which students excelled under my guidance. I also encouraged my students to participate in Mathematics and Science competitions, local, national and international. I also planned and accompanied students on international trips to broaden their perspectives.