Pre-Application Package

This is meant for students in Grades IX, X, and XI (if it is the CAIE stream). If you are the kind of student who is farsighted and understands how important these crucial High School years are in the development of your personality and in your self-discovery; if you wish to stay on the right track towards choosing the best path for the realization of your dreams, you will definitely wish to talk to us.

This package is designed for applicants who would like to start work early on all aspects of college admissions, with a longer-term view of maximizing their chances of eventual admission to their dream college/university.

Pre-Application Package ivy leage

You can expect:

  1. An overall, detailed strategic plan, incorporating all aspects of school life (academics, extracurriculars, volunteer work, etc.), leading up to the last year of high school, up to the actual applications.
  2. Identify weaknesses in your academic courses and extracurricular activities, and suggestions on how to align these so that they fit within your overall strategic plan
  3. A plan for taking the standardized tests (SATs, TOEFL, IELTS, ACT, etc. ): which ones to take to best showcase you when to take them, and, of course, how you should prepare for them
  4. Suggestions on which high school courses to take, with a view of best fitting into your overall strategic plan
  5. Ideas and suggestions on how to make the best use of your time, maximize study skills, and extracurricular activities, developing a general sense of self-reliance to eventually reach your maximum potential
  6. Suggestions on finding and applying to summer jobs and internships best suited for you within your overall plan
  7. Developing a potential college list, based on your desired personal goals, to try and achieve the best ‘fit’ for you

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During this consultation, we are confident that you will:

Get ideas on what actions may be required by you to eventually reach your dream school

Get a specific and precise quote of our services, based on your requirements

Discuss what you need to do next, given your achievements to date