Zahid Shafiq

The college admission process need not be difficult, complicated or overwhelming! Done correctly, it can be an exhilarating, even liberating, experience for the applicant and parents.  A well-planned and thought-out outcome, with reduced stress and anxiety, is what Global College Consultancy aims to provide to its clients.


After attending high school, I was admitted to Columbia College, from where I was transferred to Yale College for my Bachelors. Thereafter, I attended Harvard Business School for MBA. Besides these three Ivy League colleges, I was accepted to Cambridge University (England), the Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania) and the University of Chicago but I declined these in favour of the colleges I attended.

I was, for thirty-five years, out of love for my alma mater and on a voluntary basis, the Chairman, for Yale College’s Alumni Schools Committee in Pakistan, directly responsible for outreach to all top-tier schools in Pakistan, interviewing applicants to Yale from the entire country, and conducting visits and speeches at these school to introduce the applicants to the Ivy League in general, and Yale College in particular. In this process, I personally interviewed thousands of students for Yale, advised parents regarding education in USA and England, and maintained a close liaison with the University’s Admission Office.

My love and desire to continue working with students and applicants has now led me to lay the foundation of Global College Consultancy, a team of likeminded dedicated and committed professionals who share my passion so that together we can continue to work with students who desire admittance into US, Canadian and UK colleges and universities.


My 35+ years’ experience in the admissions field, and the fact that I am an alumnus of three Ivy League universities (Columbia, Yale and Harvard) make me exceptionally qualified of evolving trends, enabling me to merge disparate individual facts and situations to present customized solutions to my clients. I also bring to the table my lifelong entrepreneurial experience of markets, industry and finance to the college admission process.

A multicultural skill set, close attention to details and timelines, critical thinking patterns, analysis, attention to detail, all combined with an ability to empathise, make me a distinctively qualified expert in this field. Having seen the trends in education and changing developments over the years, I have a unique perspective, perhaps unmatched by many others.


Outside of work, I enjoy travelling, sports, reading detective novels and meeting people from all over the world. Being based in North America gives me adequate opportunities to do exactly that!


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