6 Things to do before you apply to Ivy League universities (1)

Things to do before you apply to Ivy League universities

The question of how to get into an Ivy League has bombarded college consultants in the USA. It almost feels like a dream. In this article, we will discuss Things to do before you apply to Ivy League universities. If you’ve always dreamed to study abroad in Ivy League, you can do so if you follow a couple of requirements. Although, the best “study abroad consultants” argue that there is no one approach that fits everyone. However, you can consider some tips to make your chances of getting into an Ivy League higher. 

Things to do before you apply to Ivy League universities

Start early

The days of beginning your application process a year before the start of the university are long gone. To become an intriguing person, you must always get started in the ninth and tenth grades. Work on your extracurricular beforehand and prepare for your SATs. This way you’ll not only build your profile but will also have a lot to share on your personal statements.

Be sure to have good grades and test scores

You will need exceptional grades and test scores if you want to study Abroad in Ivy League. These are the two most crucial elements, according to The National Association for College Admission Counseling.

Course intensity is also crucial. It allows schools to determine whether students are willing to push themselves or can succeed in spite of the hurdles. Those who don’t meet the requirements will not be accepted unless they have any other accomplishments that really stand out.

Things to do before you apply to Ivy League universities

Have a solid personal statement

A personal statement is a well-written essay that captures the sincerity of the applicant. Through a personal essay, students can establish trust, reveal more about their preferences, demonstrate their leadership abilities, and communicate their personal motivation.

Add some depth in your extracurricular activities

There are countless things that could qualify as extracurriculars, but the truth is if you demonstrate genuine enthusiasm and depth in those activities, hen you can make your applications shine. It’s important to keep in mind that any activity can develop into an amazing extracurricular activity when exhibited with dedication and depth.

Add some depth in your extracurricular activities

Letter of Recommendation

Recommendation letters enable key professionals to provide their personal and professional perspectives on your academic achievement, personality, and motivation. This strengthens your application. Establish trustworthy relationships with your professors, and extracurricular activity organizers if you want to get positive and compelling recommendations.

Requesting a recommendation letter in person is the ideal course of action. By doing this, you give your instructor the chance to discuss any queries with you and get ready to compose an in-depth letter that highlights your academic abilities.

Community service

This is one thing that a lot of students misunderstand. The majority of applicants frequently mention charitable contributions or volunteer activities they have done with NGOs. However, community service refers to finding a real problem and attempting to address it. For example, you may work with someone to help combat mental health issues or teach the elderly about different tech-savvy apps such as Uber to make their lives easier.

Wrapping up!

You may come across news about exceptional candidates getting accepted to Ivy Leagues every year. There is no debate that these people’s accomplishments are spectacular, which is why the media enjoys highlighting them.

On the contrary, Ivy League universities are not suitable for everyone.  Having big dreams and aspirations is great, but you should also set reasonable goals for yourself. Finding a school that best suits you is ultimately what matters.

Zahid Shafiq
Zahid Shafiq