What we do

At Global College Consultancy we offer comprehensive services which enhance the prospects of acquiring admission in the college of your choice. We encourage students to embark on this exciting and challenging learning journey with us. We will be by your side  at each step to guide you throughout this journey. 

Advising applicants before the application process

Examine your profile and let you know what your prospects are, if that input is requested.

Introduce you to the full range of options – not just the top-ranked schools.

Encourage you to apply to the most appropriate schools for you.

Advising applicants during the application process

We will guide you in writing your essays in the most ethical manner .

Critique and edit material so that it presents you at your very best and reflects your voice, story, and work.

Provide constructive, respectful criticism.

Keep the application process and timeline in perspective.

  • Pre-Application Package

  • This is meant for students in Grades IX, X and XI (if it is the CAIE stream). If you are the kind of student who is farsighted and understands how important these crucial High School years are in the development of your personality and in your self discovery; if you wish to stay on the right track towards choosing the best path for the realization of your dreams, you will definitely wish to talk to us.

  • Complete Application Package

  • For students of Grades XI and XII and XIII (CAIE stream). A dedicated Counsellor will be available to the applicant on an appointment basis for a minimum of 20 hours for up to 10 colleges. Our counselors are friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and genuinely interested in placing you in the ‘best fit’ college.

  • Essay Review Only

  • Guidance on choosing the topic. At times it is difficult to decide which one of the topics is the one in which you can present yourself in the most positive light. A little help with our counselor can lead you to make the right choice.

  • Interview Preparation Only

  • Get trained by a former Interviewer for Yale. Someone with more than thirty years of experience in interviewing for the IVY  League university, will conduct a mock interview and provide you with all the necessary tips and training to help you make the  best impression taking you a step closer to your dream college. 

  • Waitlist Letters

  • To be waitlisted, especially at one’s college of choice is, to say the least, very frustrating – all plans go to hold. Fortunately, we can advise you on how to improve your chances of acceptance, and hopefully turn an unenviable situation into a desirable outcome.

  • Letter of Recommendations

  • Letters of Recommendation are an integral part of the application and are not to be viewed as a separate or detached items. We can advise which recommendations will make more sense than others so that your overall chances of acceptance are enhanced.

  • Summer Guidance Only

  • We will advise you on the most suitable summer program to choose in order to strengthen your application. Deciding how to spend those precious summer months can be difficult. We have resources you can avail to utilize your breaks productively.

  • Make your own package

  • At Global College Consultancy we are sensitive to our clients needs. We are flexible and will respond to a request with an open mind.