About Us

At Global College Consultancy you will find a team of experienced, capable, committed and caring counselors whose mission is to make the process of preparing for and applying to higher education institutions easier, less stressful, and more productive for our clients.
If you are a student looking for a bright, and successful future you cannot go wrong with the Global College Consultants working with you. With the in-depth knowledge and skills we bring to the table, we ensure that you find the institutions that best meet your future career goals with globally accepted qualifications through an exciting, challenging and inspiring college experience.

Our Approach

We are a team of passionate and dedicated educators who understand the evolving environment and complex world of college admissions.


Personalized/meaningful advice to suit your unique needs.


Admission plans designed to fit your personal desires, individual strengths, and unique achievements.


The admission process with less stress enabling you to make the most informed college choice possible.


A well-crafted portfolio that showcases your unique talents transforming your dreams into reality.

Why Us

We work in close partnership with families, helping them make the most informed college choice possible. We strive to understand each client’s talents, interests, and aspirations, enabling us to develop a customized strategy unique to each student. Our services are completely personalized; unlike some other college counseling services we never employ workshops or group sessions to advise our students. You submit applications that highlight who you are and what you’ve achieved in a way that appeals to the admissions officer who will review and make the final decision on your application.

To put it simply, it doesn’t seem so overwhelming, but perhaps you aren’t really sure exactly how to do it. You need information, advice, guidance, strategies, and tactics for how to do it successfully.

That’s where we come in. We help you be true to your voice, develop your ideas, and think strategically about the bigger picture and how each part of the application, including the essay, fits into it.


We provide high quality consulting services in an open, transparent and professional environment. We provide consultations through Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp, email and phone conversations irrespective of your geographical location.


We holistically evaluate the information shared with us to assess the strengths, areas of improvement to cater to the individual needs of each student. We work closely with students to maximize their opportunities in the college admissions process.


Based on focused discussions with the students and their families we chalk out a road map, a strategic plan to maximize the student’s academic and extracurricular potential, aiming to fill any gaps and to consider various opportunities to ensure that together we transform their dreams into reality.


Our plan is realistic and achievable because it takes into consideration students’ personal desires, individual strengths, and unique achievements. We help students formulate the perfect application to greatly enhance their chances of being admitted into the college of their choice.


We focus on providing guidance throughout the application process for up to 10 different collegiate institutions. Our services are flexible which means you can choose which service you require. We provide comprehensive consultancy and guidance on the entirety of the application process.

For students and families searching for flexible, personalized and expert advice to best fit their personal, academic and admission goals Global College Consultancy is the right choice.

Our Team

Zahid Shafiq

Founder & CEO
Columbia, Yale and Harvard Alumnus
Ex-Chairman, Yale's Alumni Schools Committee

Nudrat Rahman Sheikh

Educationist Admissions &
Student Counselor

Nuzhat Saleem

Senior Consultant
Ex-Director of Career & College Counselling
Lahore Grammar School