Which Ivy has best Study Abroad Programs?

Which Ivy has best Study Abroad Programs?

Studying abroad can be a life-changing and perspective-altering college experience. Immersing yourself in another culture and educational system allows for tremendous personal growth. Ivy League universities recognize the value of international studies and offer diverse, enriching study-abroad opportunities. But Which Ivy has best Study Abroad Programs?

Factors like location diversity, academics, grants, university partnerships, and student satisfaction all contribute to determining the quality of study abroad offerings. When evaluating these key components, a few Ivies stand out as leaders in global education.

Brown University

Brown is renowned for its open curriculum that encourages students to explore diverse academic interests, including international studies. Over half of Brown undergraduates study abroad during their time at the university.

Brown offers summer, semester, and year-long programs in over 40 foreign countries. There are over 125 partner universities to choose from. Popular destinations include the UK, Denmark, China, South Africa, and India. Academically, Brown’s study abroad curriculum is quite flexible, allowing students to take courses for their concentration/major or explore new areas.

A unique highlight is the Brown International Scholars Program. This allows selected students to study at Oxford, Cambridge, or the London School of Economics during their sophomore year. Brown provides full financial aid and academic support to participants.

Columbia University

Columbia University in New York City prides itself on being a highly international campus. Over 2,000 Columbia students study abroad annually through over 200 approved programs worldwide. Columbia has strategically developed partnerships with top global universities including Cambridge, Oxford, and the National University of Singapore.

Columbia Study Abroad heavily focuses on cultural immersion and interacting with local students and faculty. Students are encouraged to take classes in their foreign language of study when applicable. Extensive pre-departure guidance, academic advising, and integration support is provided.

Columbia also awards over $5 million annually in study abroad scholarships and grants. The school’s Loan Deferment Plan allows financial aid to be applied to approved study abroad costs as well.

University of Pennsylvania

UPenn’s motto “Leaders Made Here” certainly applies to their approach to study abroad. UPenn strives to cultivate global leadership skills through international academic programs.

UPenn students can select from over 140 partner institutions in over 35 countries. But beyond just location choice, UPenn’s study abroad curriculum provides excellent direction through recommended Global Programs of Study for popular majors. These guide students to choose courses and schools that best align academically.

Unique disciplines like global health, microfinance, and sustainability are woven into UPenn’s programming. Robust advising at every stage provides support. The UPenn Democracy, Governance, and Human Rights program in South Africa is a notable highlight.

Princeton University

While Princeton’s undergraduate study body is smaller than some Ivies, over 50% participate in study abroad. Princeton partners with top international schools including Oxford, Cambridge, University College London, and the University of Edinburgh.

Princeton’s Bridge Year Program also allows incoming freshmen to defer enrollment for nine months to immerse themselves in international service work abroad before starting school. University resources fully support the Bridge Year experience.

Financial support is Princeton’s real differentiator. The school strives to meet 100% of any student’s demonstrated financial need, including for studying abroad. Princeton provides international travel grants along with loans to enable affordable global learning. No academically qualified Princeton student is denied study abroad due to finances.


When evaluating study abroad programs, Brown, Columbia, UPenn, and Princeton emerge as leaders. Their vast global networks, flexible academic options, immersion experiences, university integration, and financial support allow students to craft rich international studies.

Consider your academic and cultural goals, then delve into each Ivy’s specific offerings in your regions of interest. For a truly transformative college experience, studying abroad can be an astute choice. With outstanding programs across the Ivy League, expanding your worldview is within reach.

Conclusion: Which Ivy has best Study Abroad Programs

Studying abroad allows college students to expand their worldviews and skillsets for the future.

When it comes to the best study abroad programs among Ivy League schools, Brown, Columbia, UPenn, and Princeton shine in factors like global university partnerships, academic integration, immersive cultural experiences, and financial support. Evaluating your personal goals and each Ivy’s opportunities can help identify which global program fits you best.

An international academic journey enables invaluable personal growth and life perspective.


Which Ivy has the most study-abroad locations?
Columbia University partners with over 200 programs in over 40 countries worldwide, providing immense location options.
Which Ivy provides the most study abroad funding?
Princeton strives to meet 100% of demonstrated student financial needs to make international study affordable. They award grants and loans generously.
Can I study abroad for a full academic year at an Ivy?
Yes, semester and even year-long study abroad is possible and encouraged at Ivy institutions like Brown and Columbia.
What are the most popular study-abroad destinations from Ivies?
The UK (Oxford, Cambridge, London) along with Denmark, China, South Africa, and India are most popular across the Ivies.
How do I pick the right study abroad program for my major?
UPenn provides Global Programs of Study guides pairing majors with affiliated international schools and course plans to streamline choosing.

Nuzhat Saleem
Nuzhat Saleem